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Did you know I will travel for you?! That is exactly what I got to do with M & C to celebrate their first wedding anniversary! Together, we visited their wedding site – Casa Karma in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to snap some steamy anniversary photos. Their (former) wedding venue is absolutely exquisite and boasts some glorious views. The sun sets directly behind the water there! It is an oceanfront hotel, and the architecture and grounds are almost as impressive as the view. Accordingly, it was the perfect setting for the vision we had curated.

We set out at golden hour and got our hands a little dirty in the sand and the water. It was so fun to watch these two bask in the sun, literally and figuratively. Warm lighting and the rocky shoreline added just the drama we needed. We were able to let their movements and the setting speak for themselves by dressing in neutrals and using natural sun flares to cast attention exactly where it should be – on these two and their intimate connection! Talk about a dreamy anniversary. Talk about a steamy anniversary!

Interlocking fingers, close poses, and kisses built upon this couple’s natural chemistry. You can feel the heat radiating off these pictures! Mexico was hot, but these two are even hotter! Capturing these moments was so fun.

It truly was such a touching, special experience to be included as they revisited this special place to make some new memories playing in the ocean as not-so-newlyweds. The venue is of such importance to them, and it was a thrill and an honor to help bring their vision to life. I love the idea of revisiting your venue to celebrate milestones in your marriage, and these two really knew how to dial up the heat! As a result, we were left with special, sexy new memories for their first anniversary.