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Timeless & Romantic weddings

On June 10th, I was fortunate to be part of Paige and Austin’s union at the Eastern Yacht Club in Massachusetts. Their luxurious, coastal wedding was so dreamy! The sentimental details and traditional influences of their day made their wedding so memorable. It was the perfect celebration of their seven years together, and their new chapter as a married couple.

Our bride’s homecoming made the nuptials even more special. Originally, Paige was raised in Marblehead, while Austin grew up in North Carolina where the couple now resides. In fact, Austin and Paige opted for the club as their venue because the bride’s family, and their wedding guests, are members there! It was such a special tribute to her roots. Plus, it made for amazing photo opportunities! We were able to sneak away for gorgeous waterside portrait backgrounds. Plus, we captured a few photos aboard the boat we used to ferry over to their personal vessel. I will always carry those memories as a stand-out experience!

The magic of the night did not end there. While their wedding day started out with a lucky rain shower, it ended with the most picturesque sunset. It was the epitome of a sought-after golden hour along the coast. Then, of course, came Colors. In keeping with tradition, the Eastern Yacht Club participates in the the time-honored cannon firing at sunset, when the flag is lowered for the day. This gesture has become a sign of respect for ships at sea. This symbolic event traces back to historic naval traditions and the manner cannon-carrying ships once used to communicate their peacefulness to shore. For our purposes, it added to the charm of this gorgeous maritime affair. Even more, it symbolized the end of another lovely summer day. It was such a pleasure to participate in this timeless and elegant coastal wedding. Cheers to Paige and Austin!