Rhode Island - Boston - Destination

Timeless & Romantic weddings

On December 9th, 2022, Arielle and Akshay wanted to celebrate the happy news of their engagement! As a result, we opted for urban elegance as a backdrop to their love story. The results were a masterful play of urban landscapes and personal flair. These two truly delivered on our vision of an elegant downtown engagement.

Our shoot began at golden hour, allowing us to play with lighting out on the streets of Providence and in the corridors of city buildings. Silhouettes and shadows helped set the mood of their shoot, casting a dreamy and romantic spell over their photos. We took photos in front of the historic old stone bank, the stately Providence court house, and the downtown arcade. All contributed to the theme of our shoot. This couple was masterful in their details; Louboutin loafers, satin gloves, and dramatic bows all played into the sheer elegance of their moments, and added some flair!

We had so much fun playing with themes of drama and lighting as well as callbacks to vintage motifs. Using historic downtown monuments and timeless architecture in our shoot supported the elegant images we wanted to cultivate. Accordingly, the moments we captured were every bit as charming and classic as Arielle and Akshay! In the end, we were left with photos that gave a modern twist to vintage-feeling landscapes. This session was the perfect example of an elegant, downtown engagement.

Working with Arielle and Akshay was a dream. It is such a reward to help a couple cultivate their dream and celebrate their milestones. Truly, I was honored to capture both the details of their love and their luxury.