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Sean and McKinley hosted a beautiful Riverview autumn wedding. Their venue in Simsbury, Connecticut made for the perfect site for a fall wedding. Their special day was a showcase not only of the stunning natural beauty of a New England autumn, but of their individual love story.

When couples incorporate both classic wedding elements and personal touches into their special day, they blend together details of their combined taste and traditions. As a result, they weave these choices into a tapestry that is their budding life together. It is so special to have these moments captured and passed on. Documenting details like McKinley and Sean’s sand pouring and traditional first look down the aisle help me, as a wedding photographer, capture their uniqueness and make the day so personal. Even more, it helps to share these moments with loved ones over generations. Ultimately, we built a full spread of photos that encapsulate more than just a wedding ceremony; they encapsulate a love story.

October 15, 2022

On this beautiful fall day, McKinley and Sean exchanged nuptials at the Riverview. The entire day was gorgeous. From the brightly colored mums by the gazebo, to the grand details of the building’s architecture which mirrored McKinley’s detailed bodice, this venue became an intricate part of the love story. It was such a perfect fit! The sophisticated theme carries throughout the grounds of the Riverview. Accordingly, it set the tone for the romantic day this couple had planned. A vibrant fall palette, golden details, and the sweet sentimentality of the guests in attendance all delivered the warm, radiant energy that characterized this special day. From the vows to the toasts, so many tender moments were shared. The smiles on the faces of their guests tell the story. This golden autumn wedding at the Riverview was such a pleasure to witness! Even more, it was a pleasure to capture.