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A Sweet September Wedding

Fortunately, I am included in many special days and intimate moments through my work. Often, this means gleaning insight to the lives of many couples and the choices they make to represent themselves at significant milestones. The romantic choices Vivian and Jose made for their wedding day revealed the warm love the two share. Their sweet, classic wedding was such a beautiful end to summer. Delicate details and light color choices left an airy touch to the evening. From beginning to end, their day was full of magic and romance.

Vivian and Jose chose a September date for their special day. The wedding was heartfelt and dreamy, from their nuptials to the celebration afterwards. The slight sparkle of Vivian’s bridal details was absolutely no match for her radiant, contagious smile. Just look at these two! Their beaming smiles were infectious.

September 18, 2022

Throughout the day, this couple’s vibrant, bold love and laughter took center stage. The ambiance of Kirkbrae country club in beautiful Rhode Island was the perfect compliment to the stunning couple. Hints of greenery and pink roses amongst the white lights and linens of their special day left a delicate touch of late summer on their sunny date. Flickering tea lights and airy centerpieces helped craft the romantic mood of their reception. All were a great touch for a gentle transition from summer to fall and into married life.

Even the fog machine and stage lights at the reception could not upstage the love between Vivian and Jose. Their endearing nature and bright laughter made the celebration of their sweet summer wedding all the more joyous and welcoming. Between the lights, toasts, and smiles, the night was magical and sparkling. It was such a pleasure to be included in their day and to share in all of the love, laughter, and fun it entailed!