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A boudoir session is all about embracing your beauty. They are meant to make you feel empowered, confident, and sexy. Whether you are doing the shoot for yourself or for your significant other, this guide is perfect for you. It can be exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time, but don’t worry, I’m here to help! I am excited to share the ultimate guide on how to prepare for your session.

You just booked your boudoir session


Start with thinking about the style boudoir session you want. Are you going for the traditional lingerie look? If so, are you going for neutral tones such as black, white, or beige? Or are you looking for those vibrant pieces, such as teal, red, and pink? Maybe a little of both!

You may be asking, then, what is the non-traditional look? Well, there are so many different options! A boudoir session can be whatever YOU want it to be. Thinking of some cute jeans? Maybe have them unzipped, with some undies peeking through. Another idea could be to pair them with a bouquet of baby’s-breath covering you up top. Feel comfortable being nude? That is always an option, and you can opt to have yourself wrapped up in sheets or a sweater.

A brunette looks away from the camera while lounging in a beige cardigan during her boudoir photo session.

Are you doing the shoot as a gift for your significant other? Another idea is to bring something of theirs to the shoot to wear. An item that may represent them, like a garment they wear to work, or an item from their favorite hobby.

Are you a bride? If you are, nothing beats a boudoir veil shot! It’s intimate, classy, and a second round of “WOW” when your significant other sees you in the veil again. Other great pieces to bring are your wedding heels! Having a thong or booty-shorts personalized with their name or Mrs. “last name” is a fun and creative thing to add to your bridal boudoir as well!

Days leading up to the shoot


Make sure to drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin. It is key to have that nice glow we all love. Water will also keep you feeling light! Avoiding alcohol days prior to the shoot is helpful as well. Don’t forget to keep your skin moisturized!


Love the skin you are in! If you do plan to fake tan, please consider any streaking, missing spots, or splotches on feet or other places that may occur. I would suggest having a professional do it. If you do choose to tan, fake or real, make sure to consider those tan lines (and preferably tan nude)! And if you want to go natural but feel a little pale, don’t worry love! I can add warm-tone edits to your skin.


Remember to remove ALL price and size tags from any lingerie or clothing items. Even the permanent ones. The way the light hits items sometimes will show the tag, even if you don’t think it will.


Be conscious of what you are eating a day or two prior to the shoot if you have any concerns of bloating. We want you feeling your best!

1-2 days prior

Wax and shave

Don’t forget to wax or shave any unwanted hair. Yes, that may include your butt as well, if you don’t want it seen! I recommend shaving the night before, as even stubble can show.

Get a manicure

Make sure your hands and feet are ready too! Whether you keep your nails natural or have them done up, make sure you are happy with the shape, color, etc.! Neutral tones typically work best.

The night before

What to pack

  1. Your outfits of choice. Don’t forget the small things, such as the matching stockings!
  2. Lotion – keep that skin soft!
  3. Makeup! Unless there is a hair and make up artist at the studio, its a good idea to bring makeup to touch up as necessary.
  4. HEELS. Don’t forget the heels. If that is the look you are going for, they sure do give the photo an extra POP.
Boudoir Session Day
  • Make sure to lotion your entire body!
  • Ensure you have removed any unwanted jewelry, HAIR ELASTICS, and watches.
  • Put on any jewelry that you do want on for your shoot (engagement / wedding bands, necklaces, earrings, etc.)
  • Remember to eat something in the morning. You want to have something that will keep you satisfied, but not bloated. We want you to feel your best!
  • Lastly, make sure to dress in loose clothing and undergarments to avoid impressions on your skin (preferably no bra). A button-down shirt or a zip-up jacket are great options as they will not mess up your hair or makeup when taking them off at the start of the shoot.

Remember, you are beautiful. You are sexy. You are confident.

Ultimately, you got this queen!

A dark haired woman poses in black lingerie and silver heels for her boudoir photo.