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Timeless & Romantic weddings

Whether a couple contacts me to celebrate an engagement, capture their wedding ceremony, or simply document their love for one another, it is so important for us to cultivate the right “feel” that speaks to each couple and to their journey together. This might mean we aim either for a luxurious wedding or for a classy couple’s session.

Casey and Morgan’s Classy Couple’s Session

For Casey and Morgan, we knew our portraits should be sleek and sophisticated. We chose to meet down at the Boston seaport, where glass walls reflect the harbor and Casey and Morgan’s love could be reflected on every surface, from the water to the buildings. Golden light helped illuminate their photos. This lighting gave an airy, sultry touch to the moments Casey and Morgan spent in front of my camera. Their crisp beige linens played perfectly with the city’s waterfront and cobblestone, letting the chemistry between these two do all the talking.

Naturally, these two delivered! Not only did they rock the serious, sophisticated shots, but they were naturals at sweet, candid moments, too. I love sessions that can be as silly as they are sexy. Between the off-the-shoulder blazer moments, and twirling in the street, Casey and Morgan did it all. It was so much fun letting their chemistry guide the session and leaning into their natural connection. As a result, we were able to let light, reflection and scenery showcase their unique expressions of love.

The result was a gallery of chic, sweet, and undeniably sexy moments. Balancing playfulness and sophistication was the key to making this classy couple’s session a true success. It was such an honor to work with Morgan and Casey. I am so happy to have captured their warm connection in the golden Seaport setting. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to work with them again in the future!