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May 15th, 2022

With the weather warming as spring rolled into summer, I was so, so happy to be part of this sweet surprise proposal. Amanda and I actually attended the same high school, and when her best friend (also a classmate!) found out that Trey was planning to propose, she sent him to me. It was one of the kindest compliments of my career, and we had so much fun planning this moment together!

Trey and Amanda met me down at Fan Pier park at the Boston seaport. The manicured marina boardwalk has glistening views of the city, along with fire pits, benches, and gorgeous views with all of the boats docked there. It was one of the most beautiful Boston sites I could imagine when Trey and I were envisioning the proposal and trying to pick the perfect place! In fact, it really helped sell the story when I pitched a “modeling” opportunity to Amanda as the cover story for Trey’s surprise execution.

Being able to capture this couple’s love in the tender, earnest moments following the surprise proposal was such a dream. Their genuine love and emotion simply steals the spotlight from even the most beautiful day on the water. After Trey proposed, the sun broke through the clouds and we were able to capture their sweet embraces (and Amanda’s beautiful new bling!) with all the golden warmth of the late spring sun. Between the couple’s classic neutrals, the reflection of skyscrapers on the water, and the shining blue sky, it was the most perfect day to capture beautiful new memories of a childhood friend. I will be cherishing these memories as long as this couple will be cherishing each other — the rest of forever!