Rhode Island - Boston - Destination

Timeless & Romantic weddings

If you are a fan of iconic city skylines or if you, like me, love to watch a certain Empire State Building scene from Gossip Girl, you will love the Rock! (Because, seriously, this session is giving Chuck and Blair!) With gorgeous views of the New York City skyline, this venue is the perfect spot for a dramatic, luxury engagement session.

I love that Katie and Tyler dialed up the flair for this session. With a sweeping gown and an impeccable sense of style, this couple made our session their stage. The resulting portfolio was moody, luxurious, and so chic. Capturing this love story as the sunset faded over iconic NYC was so special. The golden lighting, skyscrapers, plate-glass windows, and windblown wardrobe came together perfectly.

By elevating a session with curated wardrobe pieces, or by chasing the right lighting or scenery, we can capture any theme — from a dramatic, luxury engagement session to a bright, warm anniversary celebration. When working with me, you can be assured I will do everything I can to offer insight that will help deliver on the session of your dreams! I loved visiting the Rock with Katie and Tyler. The chic, urban setting was so fun! I am hoping to see a lot more of NYC in 2024!