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Timeless & Romantic weddings

Kristin and JP wanted to celebrate their new chapter with a timeless Brooklyn Bridge engagement session. Naturally, I was thrilled to participate! Though the Perfet Photo is based in New England, I am happy to travel. Whether nearby or abroad, I love to work with couples all over and experiment with a change of scenery. In fact, for NYC weddings, I do not charge an overnight fee. Fortunately, I have family in the area. As a result, a dream photoshoot gets to double as a family visit! Plus, the urban backdrop of NYC is timeless. Honestly, the view just can not be beat.

To capitalize on the classic views of the city, we chose to shoot at the Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo. The charm of the city and classic, vintage tone made this shoot even more special. For this particular shoot, the weather was rainy, chilly, and cloudy. Accordingly, less people were sightseeing, and we were able to capture Kristin and JP with fewer distractions in the background. It really enhanced the magical quality of the session. Each photo feels so dramatic and chic! We also opted to shoot at sunset, which helped ensure fewer people would interfere. (Typically, I’d recommend shooting during a weekday at sunrise!)

Otherwise, to avoid the distracting tourists, we were able to play with the focus, props, and camera angles. Obviously, though, it would be impossible for these two not to steal the show! Their candid laughter and natural chemistry take center stage, despite the iconic city backdrop. Capturing this blossoming love along the city skyline, among iconic scenery, and beneath the chilly raindrops of a moody NYC storm made for an unforgettable session. It was such a pleasure to shoot this chic, dreamy Brooklyn bridge engagement session. Congratulations on your engagement, Kristin and JP!