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Timeless & Romantic weddings

Celebrating an anniversary with a couple’s shoot can be such a romantic gesture. Whether you want to refresh photos in your home, make some new memories, or honor they journey you’ve embarked together, a couple’s session can be just the gift. In this case, when Leah and Cayla reached out to book their anniversary shoot, I advised they wear clothes that made them feel comfortable and confident. To best represent them, the couple opted for this chic, urban street style.

To compliment the vision they had crafted with their chic blend of neutrals and textures, we decided to meet in downtown Boston for their portraits. Boston was already a significant setting for their story, since it is the city where they first met! Their vibe was perfectly curated with the addition of city lights and wet pavement. We were even lucky enough to catch snowflakes in their hair! On- and off-camera, Leah and Cayla were so well-matched. While they describe themselves as opposites, their magnetism is enchanting! The love and tenderness shine through each photo.

Moreover, their style and story were so captivating that we submitted our session to Dancing with Her. The wedding magazine is dedicated to celebrating love between LGBTQ+ couples. It was so fitting to submit their real-life love story to a media publication, since Cayla and Leah found one another through social media! Their love story, along with photos from our urban street style couple’s shoot, will be featured online. Be sure to check it out!