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Timeless & Romantic weddings

Chhavee and Rhuan reached out to me after discovering my work on Instagram. After getting married in 2021, this couple wanted a romantic, playful, steamy couple’s photoshoot. We planned to have our shoot in Jamestown, Rhode Island. The beach was such a great scene for our vision.

June 16, 2022

Certainly, Chhavee and Rhuan look great in front of the camera. They were so comfortable with one another. Accordingly, we were able to make this shoot so fun and playful. If you are considering booking a shoot, and think you may want to dial up the heat, do not worry! As I did with this couple, we can always begin with more traditional photos in the sand and wild grass. This can help couples feel more comfortable with me and my camera before spicing it up in swimsuits!

Plus, there is no “right way” to style a shoot. As you can see from the photos we took, it is entirely possible to make sensual moments as sweet and fun and joyful as they are sexy and sensual. Sessions never need to be “cookie-cutter!” More importantly, even when you push the boundaries of your comfort zone, your vision should always feel like a reflection of yourself (or your love story, if you are shooting with a partner). Seeing the personalities of each couple shine through makes every moment captured on camera even more special and memorable.

The photos we took in this steamy couple’s photoshoot were made all the more special by the chemistry these two share. You can tell their beaming smiles and wild laugher are genuine. Above all, it made all of their poses feel natural. Even more, you can see how much fun we were having just by looking through the gallery. It was such a treasure to spend this time together, capturing their intimate connection and lifelong love on camera. Rolling waves and splashing water were absolutely no match for the laughter we shared. I am so thankful for the memories!