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Timeless & Romantic weddings

Torrey Pines is notorious for its beautiful coastal views of the Pacific Ocean from San Diego, California. So when Nicole reached out to me to inquire about hiring me as a traveling photographer for this couple’s session, it was clear we were going to be heading to the beach! Naturally, the California coast makes for a great ocean setting. I was so excited to pack my bags for this opportunity.

These two were all smiles and steam in front of the camera lens as they splashed in the warm waters of the Pacific. Overcast skies helped craft the perfect moody setting for their sensual poses and rolling waves made the perfect backdrop. Combined with the timeless neutrals of their attire, the stage was set for their chemistry to take the lead. Just look at the results! Not only did this couple deliver as models, but they proved in one photoshoot that the fun does not have to stop on your wedding day! Anniversary photos and couples sessions are great ideas, too.

In fact, in my experience as a wedding photographer, it is so special and fun to continue working with clients throughout their lifetime to help capture all of their important milestones, and to witness their love continue to grow as they nurture their spark throughout the years. Continuing to work with the same photographer can build upon our rapport and keep you comfortable during your session. Plus, I’d love to keep in touch! It is an honor to witness all of your special moments, beyond your engagement session or wedding photography.

More photos from this shoot and sets from my work are available on my insta! Where would you like to go with your traveling photographer? Do you want to work with a lifetime photographer? Reach out to me!