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Timeless & Romantic weddings

As my previous clients could tell you, booking a session with me includes individualized consultation. This could mean that I offer advice about a location, consultation for outfits, or cultivation of moodboards. For other couples, I can send along a video snippet from my Instagram to help them understand what to expect. In planning for this shoot, Zach and Sierra conveyed that they were hoping to craft a woodsy, cozy couple’s session. Luckily, it was the perfect time of year!

When Zach originally booked our shoot, he made the investment as a gift to Sierra in celebration of their first anniversary. How sweet is that?! It seemed the perfect way to honor the bond they had built over their first year together. We met down at King Benson Preserve in North Kingstown to shoot among the tall trees of the area’s hiking trails. You would never guess how close this area is to the ocean! Instead, its a conservation area with stone walls, hiking trails, and sloping hills near the river the area protects.

For our purposes, it was also a beautiful backdrop for a cozy couple’s session. With a wintry, woodsy ambition, we staked out the perfect spot along the trails to capture a storybook romance. As you can tell from their gazes, it was a well-executed mission. Their love for one another is palpable. They shared so many genuine smiles and sweet kisses over the course of the shoot. Even better, their warm exchanges were the perfect contrast to the frosty, comfy theme. We even used a snow machine to make their vision come to life!