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Traveling for weddings can make for some of the best opportunities as a photographer. It allows me to work in different settings with different lighting, different topography, and many more couples! This fall, I was able to shoot for a wedding in New Hampshire. Of course, it goes without saying that New England autumn weddings are perfect for foliage backdrops. Luckily, this wedding was no exception — the gorgeous seasonal leaves were at their peak for this couple’s special day. Between the changing leaves and stunning sunset drop, the stage at LaBelle Winery was perfectly set to capture all of the beautiful moments this day had to share.

October 7, 2022

We started the day with our getting ready photos, taken at a nearby hotel. Bridesmaids had picked their own style gowns, and it was so fun to see their personalities shine through. We shared so much laughter in those first few hours!

From there, this couple opted for an intimate first look. Their natural smiles tell the story of the heartfelt moments they shared before their ceremony even began! First looks can be such tear-jerkers. That stolen moment, just the two of you, is such a great way to rid yourself of some nerves and be alone together! Then, you’re ready for the ceremony.

At this couple’s venue, the LaBelle Winery in Derry, New Hampshire, the property is styled like a village. So, this couple opted for a beautiful outdoor ceremony on the grounds. With rustic, jewel-toned colors and the natural beauty of a New England autumn, the wedding party was as picture-perfect as the shining couple. Even better, they showed up and showed out on the dance floor! This couple’s reception was full of so much liveliness and fun, it was impossible not to smile and feel all of the joy for the celebration of two beloved people becoming one.