Rhode Island - Boston - Destination

Timeless & Romantic weddings

Melanie and Brad wanted to celebrate their upcoming nuptials with a golden September engagement session. Autumn colors and balanced neutrals made for a warm, inviting session with these two at the focal point. This couple also expressed that they wanted their photos to feel true to who they are. So, we did our best to emulate that. For example, this couple included their sweet german shepherd!

Further, in true, down-to-earth fashion, Melanie ditched her heels and went barefoot on the grasses pretty quickly. As a “yogi” type of girl, it was a fun touch of personality in their session. Even more, it proves that there is no one way to have an engagement shoot! As your wedding day should reflect your identity as a couple, lifestyle or milestone shoots should seek to reflect your personalities, too! Confidently portraying your sense of self in front of the camera can make a significant difference in your photos. See for yourself; just look at their glow!

For our session, I met with Melanie and Brad on Nut Island in Quincy, Massachusetts. A lesser-known recreational area of Boston, the former island has walking paths, fishing piers, and beautiful views of the city skyline along the harbor. The park itself is lush with greenery and, in the autumn, has plenty of trees with beautiful changing foliage. We were so lucky to capture some of the radiant, golden fall leaves.

Since Melanie and Brad will be tying the knot this upcoming fall, their choice for a September engagement session will help set the tone for their special day. I can not wait to participate in their big day! I think I am may be most excited to see how their personalities are represented throughout their ceremony. This humble, sweet couple was such a pleasure to capture.