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If you have been following my work, you’ll know that I have worked with Chhavee and Rhuan in the past and absolutely love working with returning clients. After celebrating their life as newlyweds, I was overjoyed when they reached out with an idea to have a downtown anniversary shoot. When it comes to these two, the chemistry is palpable. Their connection is magnetic! You can see their steadiness in the way they hold one another and the gentleness of their genuine smiles.

Capturing anniversary photos is such a fun way to honor the union of two people. It helps to build new memories, while also serving to showcase how much a love has grown in time. With a lifelong love, like the love between Chhavee and Rhuan, it documents the beautiful maturation of their story. In fact, they told me they were pregnant at this shoot and then asked me to photograph their maternity reveal photos! I have cherished my involvement in each of their milestones.

This luxe downtown anniversary shoot was dripping with all of the charm, elegance, and style these two embody. Chavvee’s rust-colored two piece redefined neutrals. Classy, simple jewelry and textured clothing boosted the luxurious feel of the shoot. Their palette was perfectly complimented by the architecture of downtown Providence. Even more, we incorporated their colors with a flower bouquet from the local shop Homegrown Blooms! I love supporting other small businesses, and this bouquet was the perfect detail to give our shoot some character and polish. I am looking forward to keeping up with these two and watching their love blossom with the birth of their little one!