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My relationship with Chhavee and Rhuan is exactly the type of relationship I envisioned when I set out to begin the Perfet Photo. I have been so lucky to capture several different milestones with these two, including their gorgeous, sensual beach shoot as newlyweds and their anniversary photos in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. It brings me such joy to watch a love story unfold, and to have this chance to literally watch their love grow with this warm, glowing maternity shoot has been so incredible. We took our photos for their maternity shoot at a beach in southern Massachusetts, and the timing was perfect! The light was golden and warm and really highlights Chhavee’s gorgeous mom-to-be glow!

Chhavee wore a delicate, lacy two-piece dress that has gone viral on TikTok for maternity wear. The cut is perfect for showcasing a baby bump! Plus, the neutral colors of the gown played so well with the waterfront scenery. With a timeless color palette and stunning scenery, these two still take center stage. Their simple, chic accessories elevated the coastal look. As a result, their gallery delivers on all of their style and personality.

I cherished capturing this glowing maternity shoot with Chhavee and Rhuan. Working with repeat clients allows me to nurture a unique relationship with each person and I, in turn, get to share in the excitement of each unfolding chapter! It is such a blessing. I could not be more thankful for the unique opportunity I have to capture such special milestones for clients that feel more like friends. I look forward to sharing more special moments with these two and all of my other cherished clients!